Favorite quotes from #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

#Girlboss is written by Sophia Amoruso, founder, CEO and Creative Director of the online empire Nasty Gal. The book is not about motivation in its dull concept, nor about feminism nor biography. The main idea of #Girlboss is that literally everything is possible. Once you know exactly what you want, you can start your own business from a scratch with no investments or credits. In fact the absence of a college degree, parents support or the start-up capital should not stop you on your way to your dream. This book is an incredible success story, only possible by hardworking, by staying faithful to your ideals and being aware of one’s work worth.

Well in fact, no matter how many reviews I have read on this book, none of the reports send that crazy kick-ass attitude you got by reading #Girlboss on your own. This is not a promotion or whatever, I just really enjoyed reading it and hope some of you will share my feelings. Here are some badass-quotes that I particularly liked and underlined in my copy while reading. These quotes will serve a memo for me and may be will useful to you too;)

Книгу #Girlboss написала София Аморузо, основательница, CEO и креативный директор онлайн-империи Nasty Gal. Книга не о мотивации в ее банальном понятии, ни о феминизме, ни биография. Книга о том, что горы можно свернуть в одиночку, что свой собственный бизнес можно создать с нуля. Книга о том, что ни уровень образования, ни поддержка и одобрение близких, ни стартовый капитал по сути не так важны, когда ты четко знаешь чего хочешь, когда ты не изменяешь своим идеалам, знаешь цену себе и своему труду. Эта книга, без преувеличений, о том, что все возможно. Честно говоря, сколько бы рецензий на эту книгу я ни читала, ни одна не передает того бешеного заряда и посыла, который получаешь, самостоятельно прочитав ее. Поэтому, если ты как и я, чувствуешь необходимость мотивационного пинка – вперед за книгой. Ну, а я оставлю здесь самые badass-quotes, которые особенно мне понравились.

Цитаты ниже я оставлю на языке оригинала, так как, на мой взгляд, только так они смогут передать тот смысл, который София вложила в свою книгу.

Good read Girlboss PariswithmeAbout your job

  1. I didn`t find Nasty Gal. I created it.

  2. You dont get taken seriously by asking someone to take you seriously. You`ve got to show up and own it.

  3. Shitty jobs saved my life

  4. Though you may be paid minimum wage, to the customers you are the face of the entire company. It`s this kind os accountability that gets people raises, promotions, and eventually careers.

  5. If you are bored and hating it, it`s a big sign that you`re most likely just in a wrong place. It is pretty impossible to succeed while doing something that you genuinely hate.

  6. Being repeatedly, predictably late is a wonderful way to let your boss know that you just don`t care about your job.

  7. I cared as much about the process as I did about the results. No decision was too small.

  8. You do not automatically deserve a raise just because you`ve been somewhere for a certain amount of time.

  9. We don`t need people who just have ideas; we need people who can also execute them.

  10. Four words I probably hate the most? “That`s not my job.”

  11. Your boss is not your friend and if you are the boss employees aren`t your friends.

  12. With great power comes the great responsibility.

  13. When I do thing because I want to do them, and not because I have to, I can accomplish a lot.

    Good read Girlboss Pariswithme

    About your money

    13. Money looks better in the bank than on your feet.

    14. Do not spend more money than you have.

    15. Big no-no is increasing your spendings as soon as your income increases.

    16. #Girlboss should save 10 percent of her income.

    Good read Girlboss Pariswithme

    About your personality

    17. In about eight years, I went from a broke, anarchist “freegan” dead set on smashing the system to a millionaire businesswoman, to someone who is seen as a leader and a role model.

    18. The energy you`ll expend focusing on someone else`s life is better spent working on your own

    19. You don`t get what you don`t ask for (this one is my all-time favorite)

    20. You get back what you put out, so you might as well think positively, focus on visualizing what you want instead of getting distracted by what you don`t want, and send the universe your good intentions so that it can send them right back.

    21. The more you know what you want the less you are willing to put up with what you don`t want.

    22. Let your fashion freak flag fly

    23. There`s zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas.

    24. Life isn`t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

    25. #Girlboss always getting what she wants even when she no longer wants it.

    26. Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.

    27. Dream big. Start small.

    28. Cool to be kind. it’s cool to be weird. It’s cool to be honest and to be secure with yourself.

    29. Out of the bajillions of things in this universe that you can`t control, what you can control is how hard you try.

    30. Never let go of your appetite to go after new ideas, new experiences, new adventures.

    31. Being a girl is fun.

    Good read Girlboss Pariswithme

    Good read Girlboss Pariswithme Good read Girlboss PariswithmeGood read Girlboss Pariswithme

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