5 Airbnb apartments with Eiffel tower view

    5 Airbnb apartment with Eiffel tower view

    Based on the number of people that visited Paris last year during the spring time, it is now a perfect moment to share with you my new list of nice accommodations (apartments for the moment) in Paris. And since spring time in Paris is one of the most romantic seasons, in this post I went further and made you a list of 5 apartments that have the most romantic view of all – the view over the Eiffel tower! I don’t worry for being banal or cliche, I’ve been living in Paris for many years and still think that the windows overlooking the Iron Lady will melt the heart of any skeptic, cynic and I’ve-already-seen-it-all snob.

    В преддверии романтического сезона и весеннего цветения подготовила пост с подборкой квартир в Париже с самым прекрасным городским видом в мире – видом на Эйфелеву башню. И да, совсем не переживаю удариться в клише и банальщину, я правда считаю, что окна, выходящие на железную леди Парижа растопят сердце любому скептику, цинику и все-на-свете-повидавшему снобу. Continue Reading

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